Experience a whole new ballgame

Server-side ad insertion, made super-simple.

By creating a personalized ad request for each user, G-Mana’s SSAI service provides advertisers with new and effective viewer engagement opportunities.

Creating another lucrative commercial break.

With G-Mana, cue points manipulation has never been easier. We combine intelligent frame detection with duration prediction capabilities to help you reach your monetization goals.

Commercial break

Smart ad decisions.
Hybrid campaign management.

With G-Mana, you can manage local and external commercial inventories from one central location. Enjoy hybrid strategies and advanced delivery protocols that maximize your conversions rate.

We are G-Mana

Established by a team of ad-tech and video delivery system experts, G-Mana provides a simple, holistic and highly innovative solution to OTT server-side ad insertion.
We’re helping our clients shift their focus from technical integrations to successful business.