We’re looking for added-value partnerships

Ad networks and ad exchanges are always looking for an advantage.

In the dynamic world of OTT media, it can often become challenging to enhance fill rates and increase ad monetization. Ad networks and ad exchanges are constantly looking for innovative tools, which can increase the added value they provide their clients.

G-Mana has the tools they need.

Combining forces.
Creating impact.

G-Mana’s unique ad measurement solution promotes fill rate optimization and provides high-level and unrelenting KPIs. By joining hands with ad exchanges and ad networks, we can adds key tools to their robust service arsenal and provide mutual clients with superior service packages.

The G-Mana Ad Networks / Ad Exchanges Offering

Maximizes Client Revenue
Blends Promos, Teasers & Campaigns
Measurement that Promotes KPIs
High Prefetch Capabilities for Optimal Fill Rates
Helps Broadcasters Penetrate New Market