The automatic ad insertion solution you’ve been waiting for.

Enabling mid-rolls and enhancing pre-rolls with smart ad insertion.

Most Cloud-based broadcasters use playout system that do not support cue point manipulation and smart ad insertion, forcing them to rely on pre-roll ads. As a result, cloud-based broadcasters’ OTT content is less effective from a marketing standpoint, and does not fulfill its monetization potential.

Until G-Mana steps in.

Playout automation changes everything.

Our cloud-based ad insertion solution is playout system-agnostic, and seamlessly connects to your equipment to provide automatic cue point manipulation. Once we’re connected, you can say goodbye to pre-roll commercials and enjoy the many benefits of automatic server-side ad insertion.

Advantages for Cloud-Based Broadcasters

Maximizes Revenue
Blends Promos, Teasers & Campaigns
Measurement that Promotes KPIs
No Need for Equipment Replacement
High Prefetch Capabilities for Optimal Fill Rates
Helps Broadcasters Penetrate New Market
Fully Compliant with SCTE/IAB Standards