Optimal ad insertion, with zero complications.

Ad insertion doesn’t have to be complicated.

To increase revenue, ads must be inserted into audio & video broadcasts with optimal placement precision. This requires broadcast systems to effectively communicate with ad personalization technologies. Many on-premise TV & radio broadcasters worry that this crucial system integration will be long, complicated and costly. They’re looking for a seamless solution that runs on innovation – and delivers results.

This is where G-Mana comes in.

The future of ad insertion, at your doorstep.

Our cloud solution seamlessly connects to existing broadcasting systems with zero integration, conducting flawless personalized ad insertion. Our intelligence detection technology identifies exact locations for marker insertion, in accordance with both GPI and SCTE-35 standards, while our encoder’s capture & replay capabilities support 24/7 broadcasting. Based on your on-premise needs, we can provide you with a tailored SSAI package, with no need to add or replace broadcast equipment. Because success means keeping things simple.

Advantages for Cloud-Based Broadcasters

Maximizes Client Revenue
Blends Promos, Teasers & Campaigns
Measurement that Promotes KPIs
No Need for Equipment Replacement
High Prefetch Capabilities for Optimal Fill Rates
Helps Broadcasters Penetrate New Market
Fully Compliant with SCTE/IAB Standards