Monetization Beyond Expectations.

Many OTT applications find ad streaming very frustrating.

OTT applications are swamped with challenging tasks. First, they must ensure their code complies with all device players. This can be a lot of work. But when it comes to monetization ad insertion, OTT application owners often find themselves at the mercy of the streaming infrastructure, who limit their monetization potential.

G-Mana can help make things right.

Insert ads into your content, when and how you want.

By seamlessly connecting our cloud server to your content, we can easily manipulate ad insertion, with no reliance on streamers or streaming infrastructure. Our highly-flexible, Plug & Play solution manipulates the content manifest and inserts ads in fully automatic fashion, with no code adjustments on your end. As a result, your OTT applications can finally fulfill their purpose, and monetize effectively.

Advantages for OTT Application Owners

Maximizes Revenue
Plug & Play Solution
No Need for Code Adjustments (No SDK)
No Need for Equipment Replacement
Fully Compliant with SCTE/IAB Standards
SSAI for Maximum Fill Rates