Privacy and Cookies Policy 

The following terms shall have the meanings stated next to them, unless the context otherwise requires or otherwise defined in this Privacy and Cookies Policy.  

User” – any person who browses the Site or using any of its utilities or interact (including by automatic computer activities) in any manner with the Site. 

GMana” – Gmana Ltd., a limited liability company incorporated under the laws of the State of Israel. 

Website” – Gmana’s website at 

Order” – Any order of a Product from GMANA. 

  1. GMANA appreciates and respects people’s privacy and has therefore drawn up this privacy policy. 


  2. By surfing the Website you agree to this Privacy Policy.
  3. The use of the Website is possible without providing personal data. Personal data is usually collected if a User voluntarily provides such information to GMANA, for example: when a user sends his contact details to GMANA and interact with GMANA electronically. 


  4. Information Voluntary Provided by Users. GMANA may retain the following personal identifying data provided by a Customer who filled a “contact us” form on the Website: User’s full name, e-mail , phone number and any other information voluntarily provided by the User (“Personal Identified Data“). 

    Personal Identified Data may also be provided to GMANA by User who place an Order for a product or service.  

  5. Use of Personal Identified Data. GMANA uses Personal Identified Data in order to provide the services to the User and interact with the User, and may additionally use said information in order to (i) improve the services; and (ii) send marketing content and publications to a User who agreed to receive such content. 


  6. Non-Identifying Data Collected Via Technology. GMANA may retain non-identifying personal data, which may be used for providing the services and internal statistical purposes, such as: (i) your approximate geographic position; (ii) IP Address; (iii) the web browser and its version you are using; (iv) the version of your mobile application (when applicable); (v) the device you are using; and (vi) the operating system of your computer or device; as other information which does not identify you personally and that is provided during the use of the services.  GMANA may use third-party technological services with your use of the Website, such as Google Analytics, to track and analyse trends and patterns in relation to User’s behavior.  
  7. We may unintentionally collect Personal Identified Data due to certain automatic functions and features included in third party commercial software and programs used to operate the Website, our services and servers. We will use reasonable efforts to remove any such information prior to engagement and after discovery in our system. If you know of any such unintended collections, please notify us promptly so we can take the necessary action to remove such information from our system. 

  8. GMANA may contact you from time to time with various mailings and offers, if you gave GMANA your consent to such mailings; however, you may announce your refusal to receive further information at any time.   
  9. Should GMANA be required to provide information by any competent law enforcement authority (a “Competent Authority”), it will do so subject to a judicial order or any other legal directive. This means, that GMANA may disclose your Personal Data pursuant to a Competent Authority requirement.


  10. GMANA uses professional security services in order to safeguard the collected information. Such services include periodic checks and backups. Nevertheless, even though GMANA is minded to the security of collected information and uses efforts to safeguard it, GMANA cannot be responsible for any security faults that may be caused and are beyond its control.


  11. You may request to review the information collected about you through e-mail, by pressing the “Contact Us button and through the following e-mail: 

Updated version as of May 30, 2021.