Simplified end to end server side
OTT ad insertion workflow

Commercial Breaks insertion/manipulation

Personalised Server Side
Ad Insertion

Ad Decision &
Campaign Management

Commercial breaks insertion/manipulation

CUE Points manipulation was never so easy!

G-mana’s intelligent  placement opportunity  engine enables and simplifies monetization with diversity suite of tools:

  • Support SCTE35 markers.
  • Intelligent graphics detection.
  • CUE points scheduler using simple API.
  • Duration Prediction for duration-less event.

Personalised Server Side Ad Insertion

G-mana’s SSAI service is compliant with IAB’s industrial ad insertion VAST/VMAP/OpenRTB standards.

We enable an individual and personalised  ad request for each user, whatever the device is  delivering new opportunities for advertisers to engage with viewers.

Ad Decision & Campaign Management

Enjoy an hybrid monetization pipeline!

G-mana supports third parties ad exchanges decisions platform as well as a built-in internal campaign management.

G-mana allows you to manage your local and external commercial inventory in one place. Ad decision can be defined per advertiser/campaign/Ad-Units with a sophisticated delivery rules to maximize your conversions rate. 

About Us

G-mana was established by a team of veteran Ad-tech and video delivery systems experts in order to simplify and provide an innovative holistic solution to OTT SSAI. 

Our mission is to deliver a groundbreaking service re-focusing our  clients and partners resources  for business rather than technical integrations.  Utilizing our vast “know-how” you can end the dream and let the magic begin.

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