Empowering the Addressable TV Landscape

The Next-Gen Dynamic Ad Insertion Solution

G-Mana provides leading addressable TV & OTT SSAI monetization solutions for linear, live or VOD content. We help the broadcasting and streaming industries create and simplify their content monetizing capabilities. Enjoy seamless, relevant, targeted ads for your viewers, on any platform.

Commercial Break Revenue Optimizer

Our AI ad break optimizer prioritizes advertisements to maximize fill rates and CPM. With intelligent capabilities such as ad break duration prediction for live events and customized prefetch capabilities, G-Mana helps you increase your revenue stream.

Commercial break

Cutting-Edge iCTV/OTT Innovative Ad Suite

A whole new CTV and OTT advertising experience. Enjoy a slew of high impact formats, rich media and interactive ads that enhances, expands and diversifies ad experiences. The result?
Audience engagement that attracts brand budgets.

We are G-Mana

Established by a team of ad-tech and video delivery system experts, G-Mana provides a simple, holistic and highly innovative solution to OTT server-side ad insertion.
We’re helping our clients shift their focus from technical integrations to successful business.